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EMS needs transmission for Explorer
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Warren County EMS is switching gears in an effort to resolve ongoing transmission issues with one of its vehicles.
“It’s been six months. At this point, I just want to get it on the road,” said EMS director Preston Denney of a 2004 Ford Explorer.
The vehicle has approximately 200,000 miles and is currently located at Tennessee College of Applied Technology’s automotive technology shop. Trainees, under the supervision of an instructor, have removed the transmission and replaced it twice.
“We got a transmission from Turner’s and put it in,” said Denney. “We had the same issues. They took it out. They swapped it for us. We put another one in it and the overdrive wouldn’t work in it. When we took it to Ford, the first transmission didn’t throw any codes or anything, but the last transmission we put in had some codes and it had some type of solenoid that was bad. The solenoid was $600. We gave $700 for the used transmission. We pulled the transmission out and took it back and got our money back.”
The search continues for a transmission.
“We found one that has 90,000 miles on it,” said Denney. “It is $1,050. It has a six-month guarantee on it. It’s in Manchester. We’ve got another one found that it’s in a shop here in town. It was taken out of a vehicle that they bought for other parts. They said the transmission was good because they drove the vehicle when they bought it. They are offering to come out, get the Explorer and put it in for $750.”
Committee members voiced approval for paying more for one that comes with a warranty.
“I would rather get the $1,000 one and get a six-month warranty,” said Commissioner Randy England.
Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin agreed, “I would lean toward the one with a six-month warranty.”
Committee members England, Bouldin and Commissioners Teddy Boyd, Ron Lee and Charles Morgan approved purchasing the $1,050 transmission.