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EMS grant could save taxpayers
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A resolution is on its way to full Warren County Commission that could save taxpayers approximately $267,000.

“We have a grant that we’ve applied for $315,000,” said Commissioner Teddy Boyd, chair of the Safety Committee. “If we get it, it has a match of $50,000. It will be enough for a remount, a new ambulance, and also about $30,000 worth of equipment.”

The match, said EMS director Preston Denney, was right at $48,000 so the phrase “not to exceed $50,000” was used for the grant match.

“We get $315,000 and we give them, it was $47,000 and some change, close to $48,000, we’re really getting $267,000 for about $48,000,” said Denney.

The grant is from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development and is a Community Development Block Grant.
Denney is attempting to sweeten the deal with the state, because he doesn’t believe $315,000 will be enough to purchase everything.

“The price of the ambulances are unreal,” he said. “I told them at $315,000 we may end up being short.”
Denney estimates a new ambulance at $170,000 and a remount at $110,000, which brings the total to $285,000. Without $30,000 in new equipment, those two items alone exceed the total amount of $267,000 by $13,000.

Safety Committee members approved in December Denney’s effort to obtain the grant. However, due to the grant match, Warren County Commission consideration is required. A resolution will be presented during February’s monthly session.