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Elevator issues not going down

The elevator at City Hall is at a halt as the city of McMinnville works to diagnosis the problem through another contractor. As of now, the elevator is not operational and City Hall offices are relocating to another building.

“We are currently working to get a second opinion and in order to get that done we have to pay $4,800 for another test,” said city administrator Nolan Ming to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. “The reason for that is they are trying to isolate the location of the leak and identify it before we proceed with a bigger project without knowing where the leak is.”

Alderman Everett Brock explained the reason why they are seeking a second opinion.

“The people that did the test the first time, they did not isolate the shaft from the piping,” said Brock. “The quotes we’ve got have been for replacing everything not knowing where the leak is and the piping is much cheaper and quicker to do than to do the shaft.”

Due to elevator problems, the city’s Tax Department and Water and Sewer Department are relocating to 202 Bell Street, a property now owned by the city. The offices will remain there until further notice. Elevator repairs are set to begin Monday, July 15.

Elevator modernization was done in 2010 at a cost of $62,075. This included a new jack unit, microprocessor controller, wiring and traveling cable, submersible power unit, door operator, fixtures, car top handrail, remote monitoring and more.

According to Ming, the estimated project cost is between $70,000 to $80,000 to remove and replace the elevator’s jack while adding an oil cooling unit. Actual numbers will not be available until the city goes out to bid.

When it comes to relocating offices, Alderman Brock asked, “We are not moving Community Development?”

Answered Ming, “I’m still talking to the bank about that side space and if they agree to that we can use that space.”