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Elected official spotlight - Lori Judkins
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Lori Judkins

Out of 24 Warren County Commissioners, four are female, including Lori Judkins. Although this is Judkins’ first term, she said her unique background – being a woman, an educator and from a younger generation, will provide a new voice to address county government issues.

Here’s a snapshot of District 5 County Commissioner Lori Judkins.

Q: Describe yourself. 

A: I am 47 years old. My parents are Eugene and Doris Wilcher. I have one son, Tyler, and a future daughter-in-law, Marisa. I was born and raised in McMinnville. I hold certification in special education, speech language and administration, and I am a special education teacher at Hickory Creek Elementary.

Q: What are your hobbies/ interests?

A: I love the outdoors – camping, kayaking, swimming, playing softball, riding ATVs and picnicking. I also enjoy spending time with friends, family and my pets.

Q: What is your favorite smell and why?

A: I have always liked buttercups … just makes me think of spring and everything starts blooming.

Q: What’s an example of “Words to live by”?

A: “Be still and know that I am God”… to me it means, don’t worry and just have faith and know things will work out.

Q: Are you a spring, summer, fall, or winter person?

A: Definitely summer. I love being able to wear shorts, being outside and going to the beach.

Q: Are you reading anything right now? Kindle or book?

A: I like Little House books. I’m very odd because I like to read medical and nonfiction books. I like reality and biographies. I’m old-fashioned too because I enjoy the hardcopy.

Q: Are you an animal lover? 

A: Yes, always. I have three cats and two dogs – Misty, Piper, Jasmine, Jayce and Rocky. Two of my dogs were gifted to me and the others I adopted from the shelter.

Q: So far, what’s it like being a county commissioner (best/ worst part)?

A: You try to make the best possible decisions for the people of your community based on the constituents’ input and lots of research. The best part – I get to be part of a group that helps make important decisions for our county and its livelihood. The worst part – you can’t always please everyone. You try to make informed decisions and sometimes others aren’t happy with the decisions made. 

Q: What committees are you on?

A: Health and Welfare and Policy and Personnel and I’m the secretary on both of those committees.

Q: What is one county project you’d like to see completed?

A: I would like to see more industry, restaurants and retail come to our community. It would be nice to stay put and not have to drive to find work and nice places to shop and eat.

Q: If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?

A: Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have always been fascinated with her life. As a child, I spent many hours reading her books and was so excited when I got to visit her home and museum in Mansfield, Missouri.

Q: Best way to communicate with you?

A: My phone number is 931-668-3853 and my email is