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Eating meth a bad idea
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A man who fled deputies on a bicycle and then tried to eat what could have been a lethal dose of methamphetamine faces drug smuggling charges.
The suspect, Christopher Ray Hughes, 36, is charged with evading arrest, tampering with evidence, introduction of contraband into a penal institution, and possession of meth.
Hughes was first arrested when he was misidentified as a man deputies were wanting on outstanding warrants. Sheriff’s Sgt. Kelly Carter spotted him riding a bicycle and tried to stop him.
“He attempted to evade by going off roadway into a field where he overturned his bicycle,” the sergeant reported.
It was at that point it was discovered he was not the person they were looking for. However, a search in the crime computer for Hughes revealed he was also being sought on outstanding warrants out of Sumner County.
Hughes was arrested and taken to Warren County Jail. He was warned to turn over any drugs he had on his person. He maintained he didn’t have any illegal substances on him.
“During a search of his person at the jail, he pulled a plastic bag of meth from the back of his underwear and shoved it in his mouth in an attempt to destroy the evidence,” said Carter, noting officers had to struggle with Hughes to get the drugs out of his mouth.
The drugs weighed 9.08 grams of meth.