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Drug test sounds fishy to officer
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A drug test cheater was given away by a sloshing sound as he was providing a sample to his probation officer.
The suspect, Jonathan Casey Bryant, 25, is charged with falsification of a drug test and will face hearing July 11 on the misdemeanor count.
Bryant was ordered to come to his probation officer’s office to take a urine test. He had been convicted in 2015 on the charge of manufacture of meth and given a four-year sentence.
After arriving half an hour late for his appointment and then putting off the test for 10 minutes, Bryant was joined in the testing room by his probation officer. Urine tests for those on probation are supervised.
“I heard a sloshing sound,” the probation officer recalled, noting he ordered Bryant to lower his pants. “I observed a condom with urine inside.”
Assuming the urine in question did not belong to Bryant, the officer directed him to provide a urine sample immediately.
“The test was positive for methamphetamine and marijuana,” the probation officer revealed.