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Drug deal grew during school day
Officer says purchase reached $225
Former Hickory Creek Elementary teacher Jason Moore.

Saying that former Hickory Creek Elementary teacher Jason Moore was part of a drug enterprise, sheriff’s investigator Aaron Roberts testified Tuesday he was in the car when the fifth-grade teacher bought hundreds of dollars worth of drugs in the school parking lot.
“He said he was getting the narcotics for friends,” said Roberts during a preliminary hearing for Moore on drug possession charges for an alleged drug deal that happened April 20.
Moore purchased $225 worth of Percocet from an undercover operative at Hickory Creek Elementary during normal school hours. Roberts was behind the wheel of the car as the deal went down.
“It stated off with him only being able to afford $60 worth, but then he kept contacting the informant and it finally went up to 25 pills at a price of $225,” said Roberts explaining how the drug deal grew in size during the school day before finally taking place in early afternoon.
Moore was taken into custody on the school campus shortly after the transaction and his phone was seized.
“There was a lot of drug talk in his messages,” Roberts said. “He was part of some type of drug enterprise.”
Lawmen believe Moore went to an ATM at a nearby bank and withdrew the money for the drug deal. They base their findings on his bank records which were pulled for that morning. A plan to set up the deal at the nearby Dollar General during Moore’s lunch period could not be pulled together in time, the investigator said.
While saying he was buying drugs for his friends, Moore refused to reveal the identities of those he was buying for.
Roberts maintained the purchase of such a high number of pills indicated to him that he planned to either deal the drugs or, as he said, provide them to friends.
Roberts said that while some addicts can consume that many pills, generally drug transactions of that size are reserved for dealers. Roberts noted Moore was targeted after lawmen had received numerous complaints about drug activity involving teachers at Hickory Creek. Two other teachers were suspended without pay but have not been charged after the campus drug deal.
Moore is on unpaid suspension from the school while he awaits the outcome of his charges. His case was bound to the grand jury by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke following the Tuesday afternoon hearing.