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Drug deal ends in probation
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A man who ran from police after being caught red-handed during a drug deal has been given probation.
The man, Zachary Ward, 21, entered a guilty plea to the charge of evading arrest and was placed on probation for an 11-month, 29-day term. He must also pay $481. The charge of delivery of drugs was dropped as part of his plea bargain. His probation will begin after he completes serving jail time for violation of probation.
Ward was charged after policeman Eddie Colwell witnessed what he believed was a drug deal going down at Westside Manor Apartments.
“I saw two men who appeared to be making a transaction,” Colwell said. “They approached each other from different directions, hugged and then joined hands.”
Colwell called over both suspects for questioning. However, when another officer arrived, Ward took off on foot. The officer chased Ward from the front of the apartment building to the woods behind the complex and took him into custody. It was at that point it was learned there were outstanding warrants on Ward.
Colwell said he asked Ward if he had any drugs on him when he took him into custody. Ward denied having any drugs. His tune changed when got to jail.
“He told the jailer he had an illegal substance in his left sock,” Colwell revealed, noting the jailer found about three grams of meth in his sock.