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Driver Testing Center to close
A sign outside the Driver Testing Center on Vervilla Road indicates the building is for sale or for lease.

Warren County will lose its Driver Testing Center on May 31.
McMinnville officials approved on Tuesday spending $50,000 to renovate the basement of City Hall for the Driver Testing Center, but its relocation into that space is not a done deal.
“The drop dead date for the driver testing center is May 31. They will be closing,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley.
Alderman Everett Brock said he believes the state will stay longer, if the wheels are in motion to relocate to the basement of City Hall.
City attorney Tim Pirtle disagreed, saying he has been in negotiations with the state regarding its proposed lease agreement and he believes the date of May 31 is set in stone.
“I was given, in two different conversations, that the deadline is hard and fast,” said Pirtle. “I don’t know this to be a fact, but I suspect they’ve turned in their notice on their current facility.”
The discussion took place Tuesday during a special called meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen just before members voted 5-2 in favor of an ordinance to spend up to $50,000 renovating the basement of City Hall for the state’s use.
Haley, Brock, Vice Mayor Ben Newman and Aldermen Ryle Chastain and Steve Harvey voted in favor of the expenditure, while Aldermen Jimmy Bonner and Mike Neal voted against it.
Before the measure passed, there was a heated verbal exchange between Haley and Neal. While Haley has been the individual corresponding with the state, Neal accused him of not being forthcoming with information and doing the job that should be done by city administrator Bill Brock. 
“I know, tentatively, what they’ve asked for,” said Haley. “Mr. Brock’s got an estimate. Mr. Harvey walked through there the other day with me and he’s talking to a private contractor into doing an estimate, so we have some numbers on some ideas about what the initial cost is going to be.”
Neal stated, “Let’s hear them.”
“They are all under $50,000,” said Haley.
Neal stated, “So the state has told you this is how we have to do it?”
“We have to have a mechanism in place to fund this relocation into our building,” said Haley.
Neal stated, “You have documentation that says we have to have funding in place before we can move forward?”
“No,” said Haley. “You’ve questioned everything that I’ve told you.”
Neal stated, “That’s what you are here for. We have a city administrator here that is supposed to be doing this job and you won’t let him do it. We don’t have a communicator. We’re having to take your word on it and I’m not going to do that.”
“OK, thank you,” said Haley.
The measure, in the form of an ordinance, will require one more passing read March 22 before the $50,000 will be secured. A proposed lease agreement is under consideration by the city’s legal counsel. If an agreement is not reached, the funds will not be spent.