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Driver license kiosk arrives
The self-service driver license kiosk has arrived. It has been placed in the office of Warren County Clerk Lesa Scott. An agreement between the county and state is for one year with an option to renew. Pictured is County Executive Herschel Wells next to the kiosk.

The Driver Testing Center kiosk has arrived
Warren County entered into a contract with the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security in early March for placement of the kiosk to handle Driver Testing Center duties.
The decision was made to place the kiosk in County Clerk Lesa Scott’s office because she has additional space. However, her staff will not be trained in use of the machine and cannot assist patrons in using it. Described by the state as very efficient and user friendly, the kiosk directs users from start to finish. 
Concerns were expressed about kiosk questions during a county Building and Grounds Committee meeting with members Carl E. Bouldin, Carolyn Miller, David Rhea, Kenny Roberts, and Michael Shane Wilcher attending.
Bouldin said Scott expressed concerns about kiosk users asking her staff for assistance.
“I told her if it becomes a problem, we will have the kiosk removed,” said Bouldin. “We’ll give a 90-day notice and it will be gone.”
Per the contact, the county will provide the electricity and the space and the state will provide everything else – Internet connection, paper, and maintenance.
Committee members unanimously approved the contract with the state to allow the kiosk.
Meanwhile, the status of the staffed Driver Testing Center remains in limbo. No date has been set for city officials to consider their contract with the state to allow the use of the basement at City Hall for relocation of the facility. However, the city has agreed to spend up to $50,000 to renovate the space to suit the needs of the state.
The deadline for the current Driver Testing Center on Vervilla Road to close is May 31.