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Drill gives firefighters practice
Drill gives firefighters practice for life-threatening emergencies
This hardtop vehicle is about to become a convertible, courtesy of a McMinnville Fire Department auto extrication drill Friday. Firefighters simulated a motor vehicle accident to practice extracting those trapped inside.

McMinnville Fire Department conducted an auto extrication drill Friday and practiced turning a vehicle into a convertible.
“This is a motor vehicle accident with rollover and entrapment,” said firefighter Kevin Duncan, who is an extrication instructor. “The vehicle landed on its side so we have to brace it first before we can do anything else. Once we have it braced, then we can start working to remove the trapped individuals.”
Drills were held Thursday and Friday.
“Now that the vehicle has been braced, we’ll use a ladder and someone will climb into the vehicle and begin rendering aid to the individuals,” said Duncan. “There are two in this one.”
Once the medical condition has been initially assessed, a tarp will be handed to the firefighter and he will use it to cover and protect the individuals.
“We have to remove the windows,” said Duncan. “The tarp will protect the people inside the vehicle from falling glass. Once we have all the windows removed, we can use the extrication tools to cut through the metal. When we pull the top of the car down, it will be like a platform for us to stand on and remove the individuals.”
City officials recently approved the purchase of a new firetruck, a quint from Pierce Manufacturing, at a cost of $811,048. The quint is similar to Tower One, but smaller. It has a 178-foot ground ladder, a 130-foot aerial ladder, a 500-gallon water tank and new extrication equipment.
Lassiter’s on Smithville Highway donated the vehicles for the department’s auto extrication drills.