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Dr. Martin's office sees high energy from new employees
Pictured, from left, are Dr. Stan Martin, LaMaine Martin, Cassity Wanamaker, Holly Grissom, Jillian Frankman, Brenda Hanley, Misty Warren, and Haleigh Bass. Wanamaker, Grissom, Frankman, and Bass have recently joined the team at Dr. Martin’s office. “All of them are people persons,” LaMaine Martin says.

The optometry office of Dr. Stan Martin has added four new employees in recent months. They are Haleigh Bass, Holly Grissom, Jillian Frankman, and Cassity Wanamaker.

The quartet fills the vacancies left by the departures of staff members Chrystal Myers, Ali Young, and Samantha Willett. Myers was with the office for 20 years, Young eight years, and Willett several years herself.

Both Myers and Willett stepped away to spend more time with family, which for Willett includes a newborn. Young recently completed a master’s degree in accounting and joined a local accounting firm.

LaMaine Martin, office manager for Dr. Martin’s office, has high praise for her former staff members. The Martins, however, are thrilled to have Bass, Grissom, Frankman, and Wanamaker on staff to fill the recent vacancies. The four new hires have excellent people skills. 

“You cannot teach people skills,” LaMaine says. “You cannot teach personality, and so we’re beyond thankful to find these young ladies.”

Bass, who has been with the office for about nine months, is adept at helping patients select frames for their glasses and is the point person for ordering glasses and contact lenses. “Great personality, very funny,” LaMaine says of Bass.

LaMaine says Frankman always has a smile and is “always positive and sweet.” Dr. Martin says Frankman’s attitude is, “‘I want to learn how to do that. Show me how to do that.’ She’s not one that shies away from learning new things.”

Wanamaker has excellent customer service skills, honed by working for years at the local Chicken Chef. One of her primary duties is training patients to put in contact lenses, as she herself has experience wearing contacts.

Finally, Grissom, who is LaMaine’s sister, joined the team in February originally as a stopgap but ended up having so much fun she decided to remain on staff. Dr. Martin says Grissom is “very energetic and people love her. She’s able to pick up about anything and go.” LaMaine says of Grissom, “I am totally in awe of her skills.”

Brenda Hanley, who is LaMaine’s mother and who has been with the office since it opened its doors at the current Northgate location 22 years ago, says she feels the four new hires pass muster. “They’re working out very well,” she says. She has even christened them with new, alternative names. 

“I’ve never seen their names spelled or written down,” she says. Haleigh is Hannah, Cassity is Chassity, and Jillian is Jell-O. Of the Jell-O moniker Hanley remembers, “I told her that Jillian doesn’t roll off my Southern tongue real well, so I called her Jell-O.”

Hanley jokingly says of Frankman, “She’s just cute, she’s just cute, so we just got her for show.”

One thing the new hires have learned from the experienced office hands is how to keep snack/ chocolate stashes in locations, some of them presumably secret, around the office. Bass is reportedly protective of her stash, which is under her desk. 

Frankman, who is in college for business management and hopes to be a real estate agent in the future, says of Dr. Martin’s office, “It’s like one big family.” Bass, who aspires to be an ultrasound technician one day, says, “It’s more laid-back here” than at her previous jobs.

Office staff member Misty Warren loves working with the four new employees. “They’re willing to just jump in and do anything. They’re willing to help. They’ve done very well.” 

As for how long he intends to keep practicing as an optometrist, Dr. Martin states, “I jokingly say I’ll work until lunchtime on the day of my funeral.” 

Regardless of how long he stays in the business, be it 10 or 20 more years, both he and his wife treasure the relationships they have formed with staff members over the years, and they look forward to making new memories with the current team. 

“We love these kids,” LaMaine says.