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Dr. Baysal-Gurel receives $5K grant to help solve problem plaguing redbuds
Dr. Baysal-Gurel and her team are currently working on identification of causal agents of Vascular Streak Dieback. The definitive identification of the causal agents will greatly contribute to the design of effective management plans to reduce the losses in redbud production due to the Vascular Streak Dieback.

The Middle Tennessee Nursery Association Board of Directors recently met and awarded a $5,000 donation to Dr. Fulya Baysal-Gurel – Associate Professor and Plant Pathologist at the Tennessee State University, Otis L. Floyd Nursery Research Center, McMinnville for the current redbud problem - Vascular Streak Dieback of redbud. The MTNA Research Fund was established in the early 1990’s. Over the years, the MTNA Golf Tournament and MTNA Sporting Clay Tournament were contributors to this fund. Donations were made to the MTNA Research Fund for Japanese Beetles & Japanese Maple Scale. Local businesses and nurseries, as well as some MTNA suppliers, support and participate in the Annual MTNA Sporting Clay Tournament.