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Double trouble for Conatser
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Awaiting trial on meth trafficking charges after lawmen raided his home last fall, a local man now has double problems after lawmen caught him with drugs and money.
The suspect, Eric D. Conatser, has been charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia after lawmen discovered the drugs while arresting him on outstanding warrants. Specifically, sheriff’s K-9 deputy Jared Jacobs said he found three bags of meth in Conatser’s possession when he arrested him. He also found a seven-gram bag of marijuana and tablets believed to be Xanax. The deputy added he found something he believes may indicate Conatser was dealing narcotics.
“Also in his possession was a large sum of money totaling $7,095,” said Jacobs, pointing out the suspect is basically homeless. “He could not provide pay stubs or receipts for the currency.”
Conatser had been waiting for hearing on charges stemming from the raid on a residence where he was living with Karen Sue Conatser who was, this week, indicted by the grand jury on charges from that raid. They also face charges of child neglect since their children were present at the house where meth was allegedly being dealt. Lawmen noted over $1,000 in cash was seized during the raid of their home last fall along with three ounces of meth.
Mr. Conatser is to face hearing March 28.