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Dotson wins in District 2
Commissioners Sommer Walker, Dana Mullican, Charles Dotson.jpg
Charles Dotson

Prayer led Charles Dotson to step up and run for county commissioner. Local voters put him on the Warren County Commission Board Tuesday night.

Dotson had a dominant win in the District 2 election, which was required after Scottie Keel opted not to take the seat in September. Dotson garnered over 50 percent of the vote, finishing with 489 as he becomes the latest Republican to be voted onto the board.

It was a bit of a shock for Dotson, who had never intended to run but got a higher calling to serve.

"I had made myself a promise years ago that I would never run for office. My dad ran for office and when I almost got bit by dogs three times (during campaigning), I promised myself I was never going to do this,” joked Dotson. “But they came to me and asked me to do it. I was hesitant, but I was honored and I knew I needed to pray.

“The Lord gave me the answer and the word that came was ‘stop screaming at the TV and stand up and do something.’ I knew I had to do this, but I didn’t know I’d win.”

Dana Hillis Mullican and Sommer Walker, who were also on the ballot in August, finished second and third with 211 and 180 votes, respectively. 

Diane Starkey received 94 votes.

Dotson was pushed forward in the race at a Republican Caucus two months ago, where a small vote (11-6) went his way. He wasn’t sure he would win then and it was the same feeling Tuesday, though by the end of the night he realized the District 2 community was soundly in his corner.

“As I was at the airport today, I began to pray. And I asked the Lord that if I was to win, it was my hope it would be decisive,” said Dotson. “Nothing against the other candidates – they ran a good race and they are good people – but I wanted a statement to be made. It’s not just because I’m a Republican, but I want this to be a win for Christian conservatives. We have a voice and right is coming back.”