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Don't judge a book by its cover
Blind Date with a Book2.jpg

Magness Library will be testing your bravery when it comes to delving into the blind date world with its new program called “Blind Date with a Book.” 

“Picking a book to read based on its cover is one of the most limited ways to approach reading,” said Magness Library clerk Zach Younglove. “We all know this. So what about picking a book when you can’t see the cover or the title?”

If you’ve recently gotten into a reading slump, broken up with a particular author, or you just want to see if a new passion awaits, that opportunity begins this Monday, June 14.

“A true leap of faith awaits you from June 14 through July 14 at Magness Library,” said Younglove. “Come in during that time and browse a hand-selected batch of books armed with nothing more than the genre, a very brief description, and the first line of the book.”

Are you looking for an unknown young adult masterpiece, maybe a classic you never thought about before, or learning about history from a new perspective? All these and more are ready for participants to try out.

Once the book is read, fill out a “Rate Your Date” card for a chance to be one of two lucky prize winners that will be drawn at the end of the display’s run. It will be limited to one book per library card and located in the main circulation area.

For more information about “Blind Date with a Book” at Magness Library, Zach Younglove or Magness Library assistant director Merissa Chapman can be reached at 473-2428.