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Dog attacks two
Dog Attack.jpg
After attacking a 6-year-old and his father, Gary Lankford, this male Bullmastiff is in quarantine at Warren County Animal Control.

A male Bullmastiff has bitten two people – a 6-year-old child and his father, Gary Lankford.

The incident occurred earlier this month on Circle Hill Drive. Deputy Lynn Cannon filed a report after visiting the dog bite victims at River Park Hospital, where the boy was treated for wounds on his upper left arm, left shoulder, and upper back and Lankford for wounds on his right arm.

The report says, “Mr. Lankford stated that they were visiting the residence and were standing in the backyard when the owner of the residence, Tammy Foutch, opened the back door. At that time, Foutch’s dog broke its chain and ran out of the residence immediately attacking the boy. Mr. Lankford then attempted to pull the dog off his son when the dog bit him.”

Foutch claimed the dog was inside the home and when the boy walked in, he startled the dog causing him to bite. 

However, neighbors stated they had witnessed the attack occur in the backyard.

According to Animal Control director Kim Pettrey, the dog is in quarantine at her facility. In an update to county Health and Welfare Committee members, Pettrey said it’s likely the case will go to court since the owner, Foutch, wants the dog back. 

“The dog has bitten one other time,” said Pettrey. “He does have his rabies shot, but this is going to go on until a judge says this dog cannot be back out in the public.” 

Right now, Pettrey is working with county attorney Robert Bratcher to get on the docket for a hearing to have this dog deemed dangerous or potentially dangerous.

Asked Commissioner Blaine Wilcher, “How long does that process usually take?” 

“I’ve only done one other dog this way and it usually takes a couple months sometimes,” answered Pettrey. “There is no way this dog can be around people. We have to get him out on a catch fold to clean out his cage.”

The dog can be returned to Foutch even if it is deemed dangerous or potentially dangerous. However, a number of restrictions would apply.