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Divided we stand
America gripped by racial issues
Photo courtesy Mykal McEldowney/ IndyStar--A rally in Charlottesville, Va., turned violent Aug. 12 as a counterprotester clubs a man's head during a feud in the street in front of Emancipation Park. The confrontation occurred during an alt-right conservative rally to promote white supremacy.
Racial tension in America continues to seethe.Two cities in Middle Tennessee are bracing for white supremacy rallies scheduled to take place this Saturday.Shelbyville has been announced as the first rally location Saturday morning before the groups are expected to travel to Murfreesboro that afternoon. Anticipating the worst, dozens of stores in those towns will be closed and law enforcement assistance has been requested from the federal government.“I just hope everyone goes home safe,” said David Clark, a Shelbyville native who is trying to offset incoming visitors with a peace rally. “Everyone in town is at the least apprehensive, at the most scared to death.”The League of the South based in Killen, Ala., is spearheading the rallies.