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Diesel tank spill gushes onto Industrial Drive
Jodie Lassiter, certified in toxic waste disposal, begins the cleanup of several gallons of diesel that spilled onto the road at the intersection of Red Road and Industrial Drive on Monday. The diesel was spilled from a ruptured fuel tank. The spill was being contained to keep it from seeping into the ground water.
A ruptured diesel tank had containment crews scrambling Monday morning to prevent the spill from spreading into ground water off Red Road.The diesel began hemorrhaging out of a fuel tank on a long-bed pickup as the driver turned onto Red Road from the bypass. The driver was able to get the truck stopped and parked it beside the access road on Industrial Drive (near the old cheese plant). However, the fuel continued gushing from the ruptured tank, quickly running downhill along Industrial Drive and onto its shoulder.Elements of McMinnville Fire Department and Tennessee Emergency Management Agency responded.