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DesJarlais absent for debate
Grant Starrett says our country is facing a financial crisis.
Grant Starrett says our country is facing a financial, moral and constitutional crisis.Fapas Faparusi says the upcoming generation of Americans is at risk of being in worse economic shape than their parents.Erron Persley says faith and virtue are two things missing from politics today.And Scott DesJarlais, well, he didn’t say anything.DesJarlais, the incumbent Congressman for the 4th District, didn’t show up for the Southern Standard/ WCPI political forum Tuesday night at Warren County Administrative Offices. He was the only Republican in his race who didn’t attend.The other three candidates spent the time outlining their plans for America and answering questions from a media panel.Said Persley in his opening remarks, “The center of who I am is a Christian. I want us to bring faith and virtue back to politics, to elevate the conversation about what kind of people we want to be moving forward, what kind of responsibility we have to the rest of the world as the greatest nation in this world.”Starrett says he’s knocked on over 100,000 doors in his bid for Congress.