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Debris removal in progress after severe storms
Last Fridays storms did substantial damage such as uprooting this large tree on North Chancery Street near Walmart.

McMinnville’s Public Works Department is still working on debris removal after storms ripped through the area last Friday night.
“We are asking for everyone to be patient with us,” said McMinnville Public Works Department assistant director Brad Hennessee. “We have all the employees within the department and all the equipment we have on storm debris removal. We could easily be looking at two weeks or more in order to get that done. We will continue to work diligently on it. Please bear with us and be patient.”
The storm hit Friday evening in two waves. Hennesee says the first wave knocked down whole trees and snapped limbs off others. The second storm was heavy rain that washed debris such as rock, gavel and dirt into the roadways.
“We have a lot of storm debris in general,” said Hennessee. “The first storm had a lot of wind in it. It took a lot of trees down. We had a traffic signal hit the ground at the bypass and Red Road. When these things happen, they are pretty dynamic. We are on the phone with 911 and we prioritize them as they come in. When we were talking to 911, we were getting all sorts of calls and trying to prioritize them.”
The second storm hit at around 10:30 p.m., said Hennessee. At that time, crews were out in it working to clear roadways and repair the traffic signal.
“We were out in that second storm. Administrator (Bill) Brock was in the vehicle with me at that time. That was one of the hardest rains I’ve ever tried to drive through. I think that’s where all the rock, gravel and dirt that’s in the road came from. The heavy rain washed a lot of the debris onto the roadways.”
The heavy rains caused a storm water drainage tile to collapse in the area of Old Smithville Road and Yager Road.
Hennessee says the heaviest hit in terms of tree debris is north of the bypass.
“Tree damage is widespread across town but the heaviest is north of the 70 bypass in the area of the old Northside School and the Skyline subdivision,” said Hennessee. “The area probably hardest hit was near the Skyline subdivision. There is debris at almost every house. We have spent the last two days working on storm damage removal. We aren’t making a lot of progress. Two weeks is our estimate at this point. We’ve put every resource we have toward debris removal.”
While the traffic signal was repaired, the drainage issue in the area of Old Smithville Road and Yager Road still needs to be.
 “The drainage tile at Old Smithville and Yager Road we’ve temporarily fixed it,” said Hennessee. “We are fighting a couple different issues on that. Right now, there are two tiles underneath the road. We are going to try the concrete elliptical tile. It’s very expensive but it’s permanent. We are competing for space because there’s a water and sewer line. There’s also a gas line there. We’ve always been hesitant to open that up because it has always been such a heavily traveled road. We’ve repaired it in the past but it is time for total replacement of that. We’re working on pricing and availability of the tile. As soon as it’s available, we will replace those tiles.”
For an update on storm debris removal, contact McMinnville Public Works Department at 473-2553.