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Dealing with disaster
Local disaster volunteers travel to devastated areas
Photo courtesy US Weekly--Pictured is some of the Hurricane Harvey damage inflicted in Rockport, Texas.
McMinnville resident Doug Warren saw destruction at its worst when he flew to Japan for disaster relief efforts following the 2011 tsunami.The death toll was estimated at more than 15,000 with another 6,000 injured."It was just overwhelming," said Warren when asked about seeing the aftermath in Japan. "With the death toll they had, it would be like a town the size of McMinnville being completely gone."Warren is a certified disaster relief worker with the Southern Baptist Association. Jerry and Joan Chandler are also certified with the organization and have traveled to their share of disaster zones.The three say they are currently on standby awaiting word on when they will be asked to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts."The first thing that has to happen is all the water has to clear," said Joan.