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Daylight savings time health benefits
Enjoying outdoor activity can be a step toward bettering your mindset, according to CHEER Mental Health interim director Bryan Herriman. Andy Fabri certainly agrees. He spent Tuesday morning fishing at Riverfront Park. He caught three fish, but threw them all back. My wife told me if I put any more fish in the freezer, shell kill me, said Fabri.
As Warren County gets used to the idea of moving clocks forward for daylight saving time, some benefits can be expected for mental and physical wellness, according to Bryan Herriman, interim director of CHEER Mental Health in McMinnville.Despite what some may consider drawbacks to “springing forward” clocks in order to create more daylight hours for eight months out of the year, the overall results provide a number of opportunities for “most of us to improve our mental and physical health,” said Herriman.Initially implemented in Germany during World War I to conserve energy, the concept of daylight saving time was actually introduced in England in the early 1900s by William Willett who urged his government to adopt what he termed “summer time” so citizens would have more time to spend in sunlight. Although seemingly a worthy idea, Willett’s notion was rejected by Britain’s government.Now, as we wrestle with the turmoil in our lives during the first few days or so of losing an hour of sleep, there’s a credible need to review our daily routines and make changes as may be appropriate.Realizing that in the days ahead there will be more sunlight toward the end of the day, plans should be considered for after-work and weekend activities.A walk around the block with your spouse, playing pitch and catch with your 9-year-old, catching nine holes of golf, or a couple of hours fishing on a nearby lake can all be good for your physical and mental health.Just the idea of looking forward to having more sunlight available when you get home from work can be a helpful asset toward better mental health.Herriman urges all to take advantage of the good that can come from the chore of inching clocks forward a few days ago.As spring weather continues to edge its way into the Volunteer State, the opportunities afforded by daylight savings time will become more and more prevalent.Don’t be a couch potato. Get out and take advantage of what additional sunlight can mean for you and your family.Daylight saving time is observed in all states with the exception of Arizona (the area occupied by the Navajo Nation does participate in daylight savings time), Hawaii, and the overseas territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.Daylight savings time ends this year on Nov. 6.CHEER Mental Health, a nonprofit agency, provides mental health services for adults and youth ranging from treatment for certain psychological disorders to addiction issues.