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Davis indicted on 29 charges
Dale Davis
Dale Davis
Davis Homes.jpg

A former mobile home dealer faces 29 criminal charges for reportedly stealing right at $300,000 from customers and never delivering anything in return.

Aubry Dale Davis, 63, formerly of Davis Homes on Smithville Highway, was indicted by the Warren County grand jury on Friday on 26 theft of property charges, and three charges of financial exploitation of an elderly or vulnerable adult.

Davis was booked into Warren County Jail on Saturday, posted $150,000 bond, and was released later that day. Davis Homes is no longer in operation. It shut down in December after 33 years in business and the property has been sold.

The criminal allegations against Davis extend back to November 2017 and are similar. Ten of the indictments claim Davis reportedly accepted money for payment on a mobile home and never delivered anything in return. The dollar amount on those cases is $301,310, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

In 14 of the cases, it is claimed Davis delivered a home but never furnished the buyer with a title. This amounts to $1.5 million in mobile homes with no title.

In two of the cases, the victims paid for their home to be connected to electricity and water. Instead, the homes were delivered on blocks and not connected.

Three of the indictments for financial exploitation of the elderly are due to the victims’ age. “For a lot of these folks, we’re talking about their life savings,” said Sheriff’s Department investigator Aaron Roberts. “Having a mobile home with no title is similar to having a car with no title. There’s not a lot you can do with it if you want to sell it. We think most of the money went to a failed business attempt where he bought a large farm on Dibrell/ Lucky Road and wanted to make it a hemp farm. He had a lot of money invested in that and it didn’t work out.”

Roberts said to his knowledge Davis has not reached out to any of his victims to apologize or make an attempt to repay their money.