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Dart league takes aim at $1,000 donation
Dart league $1,000 donation.jpg
From left, Middle Tennessee Dart League secretary Mandi Johnson makes a $1,000 donation to Hamilton Street Activity Center director Lisa Harvey while students Lutraya Hall, Tyler King and Justin Lance attend the presentation. Pictured at back playing are children Jacob and Ameila Giles.

The Hamilton Street Activity Center probably feels like it just hit a bull’s-eye after receiving a $1,000 donation from the Middle Tennessee Dart League.

“We wanted to do something good with the money so we waited until we had enough built up to make a meaningful donation,” said league secretary Mandi Johnson. “We talked about who to give the money to and decided Hamilton Street Activity Center is a very worthy organization.”

Hamilton Street Activity Center is a product of McMinnville Housing Authority, which also has centers on Cope Street and in Morrison. Lisa Harvey is director of all three centers.

Activities provided include after-school homework help for children, a healthy dinner, weekly Bible study, field trips, and ballet classes. The program also recognizes kids on their birthday, provides gifts for Christmas, and gives monetary rewards for good report card grades, among other services.

 “This lets us rest for a minute from begging,” said Harvey.

“Everything we get is donated. Every book, every pencil. It’s all through donations. It makes it hard on us sometimes, but I think I like it better this way because the people who give to us, this is where they want their money to go. We enjoy many fun and educational projects at the centers and in the community to give the children encouragement and hope for a bright future.”

Johnson said the $1,000 comes from league fees that have accumulated over time.

She said the dart league plays on Wednesday nights and has two seasons.

The spring league is from February to May. They are currently in the midst of the fall league which is September to December.

Players can’t be added to a team roster this far into competition, per league rules, but Johnson says the league always welcomes new players and the start of the spring league isn’t far off.

For more information on the dart league, Johnson can be reached at (931) 273-6558.