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Covenant Academy celebrates class of 2020
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Photo courtesy Painted Barn Media Covenant Academy’s class of 2020, pictured, from left, are Newby Anderson, Randy Cantrell, Erica Clay, Neal Patel, Tyler Hillis, Conner Wilson, Lilyanne Kell, Reonna Pennington, and Katie-Marissa Pack.
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Covenant Academy classmates, from left, Erica Clay, Randy Cantrell, and Newby Anderson were among seniors walking across the stage Saturday night during the school’s graduation ceremony.

Covenant Academy bid farewell to the class of 2020 on Saturday night. 

“I’m very sad to be leaving this school as a student,” said valedictorian Reonna Pennington. “My first year here, I talked to only half of my class. I was quiet and very shy. I now have a tight bond with each of my classmates that I’m grateful for. Before attending Covenant, I never really had a best friend. Now, I have eight of them who I care about and love very much.”

As these students take their first steps into the world, Pennington offered sound advice. 

“Remember to try your best in everything you do and keep God in your hearts always,” she said. “Remember that through the highs and lows, He is always there for you.”

Salutatorian Tyler Hillis acknowledged faculty and staff for their help and reflected on the last few months. 

“We have made many memories up to this moment, but one memory we will never forget is this memory, the senior year of the graduating class of 2020,” said Hillis. “Our senior year, and just this year in particular, has been a rollercoaster of a ride for everyone.”

Each graduating senior recorded a 30-second video clip. The clips expressed their appreciation for having been part of Covenant Academy and the positive impact that faculty and staff had on shaping their lives academically and spiritually. After the video was presented, the seniors sang “Together” by For King and Country.

Guest speaker was former headmaster Alan Smith, who urged students to, “Live your life like you are at the foot of the cross.”

Lilyanne Kell and Conner Wilson were presented the prestigious John High Awards by Rocky Davenport.

Also walking across the stage in Covenant Academy’s class of 2020 were Newby Anderson, Randy Cantrell, Erica Clay, Lilyanne Kell, Katie-Marissa Pack, Neal Patel, and Conner Wilson.