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Courthouse is closer to repair
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It will cost $18,000 if Warren County wants to beautify its courthouse and administrative building, and a grant that will be used to replace the roof is one step closer to becoming a reality.
The county Building and Grounds Committee met Tuesday and reviewed the bids received. Commissioners Carl E. Bouldin, Carolyn Miller, David Rhea, Kenny Roberts and Michael Shane Wilcher accepted the lowest bid from Billy Lawson Construction.
“It surprised me,” said Bouldin. “I thought it would be a lot more than that. This gentleman says he can do it for that.”
Among the work will be renovating or replacing the exterior trim, painting trim, caulking windows, and pressure washing the sidewalks and steps at the courthouse as well as painting of exterior doors and rails at the administrative building.
The trim along the top of the courthouse is in poor condition. Bouldin says he was concerned matching pieces will be difficult to find.
“A lot of that trim up next to the roof is decayed and rotten,” he said. “We told him, before we bid this, we wanted it to match. Hopefully, he can make the trim or find it. Hopefully, it won’t be a problem.”
Wilcher agrees.
“At the price, it’s a good bargain. When I went by the courthouse a week or so ago after talking about it, that’s some broad, big trim. I thought it was very simple, but it’s ornate and very wide.”
According to County Executive Herschel Wells, the county is one more step toward obtaining a grant from the Tennessee Energy Grant Program.
“We’ve made it past the first round,” said Wells. “We should know the first of June if the county will get a grant. It will pay for half the cost to replace the roof on the courthouse, but that beats us having to pay the full amount.”
The grant is a 50-50 match up to $250,000 and plans are to use the grant to address roofing and lighting issues at the administrative building, courthouse, and Warren County Jail.
The bid for courthouse and  administrative building repairs must have full Warren  County Commission approval.