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Couple claims dogs damaged their property
Crystal Myers.png

A couple says abandoned dogs led to damaged property, loss of livestock and a near injury incident involving their 18-month-old daughter.

“The issue is they kill our chickens as well as they have knocked my daughter off the porch,” said Crystal Myers during a county Health and Welfare Committee meeting on Tuesday. “It’s a three foot drop and she is 18 months old. We’re coming into the process where we are getting refusal to take the animals into the shelter.”

In addition, Myers said the stray dogs destroyed an heirloom whicker couch from her grandparents, while her fiancé Dustin Snow lost a family pet.

“Three or four months ago, I had one dropped off that had parvo and it cost me a $5,000 Georgia Bloodhound,” said Snow.

Added Myers, “They are puppies. We are not trying to shoot the dogs. We are trying to go about it the right way.”

Asked Commissioner Blaine Wilcher, “So nobody claims these animals?”

Answered Myers, “What it is is I work for Rutherford County Animal Control. They see my truck come through here all the time and then after I leave for work the next day, dogs show up.”

Snow complained to the committee that taking the dogs to Warren County Animal Control resulted in having the police called.

“We dealt with them in a 15-minute, back-and-forth match about the laws with them trying to take her to jail, which is not acceptable,” said Snow. “It just got quiet in the room and then the cops got called.”

Asked Wilcher, “So there’s no more room?”

Interjected Myers, “I get that there is no room because I work for animal control in a larger county. When our kennels are full, we create space. I am euthanasia certified and I have come out here before and euthanized cats for the county so that is an option and I don’t mind doing that at all.”

Myers said Warren County Animal Control needs to do more.

“You are open three days a week,” said Myers. “You’re not moving animals in or out. Ten animals adopted in August is not a whole lot of animals.”

Warren County Animal Control volunteer John Mihatov responded, “If you folks remember, the stuff going back and forth on Facebook, there were people making the very accusation that these people want to happen and that is that we were killing animals to make room for animals.”

Interjected Wilcher while addressing the couple, “That’s the reason you’re having such a hard time for us taking your animals because we do not euthanize. We try not to. We try to adopt them out and the negative of that is what is happening to you.”

“We are supposed to have a transport on Thursday, which we tried to explain to them,” said Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center director Sherri Bradley.

“That was not explained to us,” said Myers and Snow in unison.

“That’s because you were being rude and loud,” said Bradley.

This led to further discussion by Bradley and volunteers about the lack of room at the facility. 

Wilcher ended the discussion by saying the dogs needed to be picked up, saying it’s the committee’s job and Animal Control’s job to keep the public safe.