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Couple arrested for Waffle House fight
Johnathan Andrew Skinner.jpg
Johnathan Andrew Skinner
Breanna Marie Skinner.jpg
Breanna Marie Skinner

A McMinnville couple faces charges of assault and criminal trespass after an alleged altercation at Waffle House.

Breanna Marie Skinner, 27, and Johnathan Andrew Skinner, 31, reportedly entered the Waffle House on Sept. 10 and an employee recognized the couple as two that were previously banned from the business. 

“(The victim) stated that both Johnathan and Breanna Skinner were banned from the restaurant due to a previous incident,” according to arresting officer Lt. Bobby Anderson. 

The couple was asked to leave, and Breanna allegedly shoved the victim.

“A fight began as (the victim) was attempting to defend themselves when Johnathan Andrew Skinner grabbed the (the victim) by the hair of their head and pulled them by their hair away from Breanna Skinner,” said Anderson.

Another emplo-yee stepped in and was able to separate John-athan from the victim.

The situation escalated as Anderson arrived on scene, observing a fight inside the establishment between a male with long hair, several employees and a customer as he did so. Anderson entered Waffle House and ordered Johnathan to put his hands behind his back. 

“Johnathan Skinner appeared to be highly intoxicated and started yelling, acting aggressive and would not comply,” said Anderson, who used a Taser. “The Taser was not effective and Johnathan Skinner pulled the probes from his upper body.”

Johnathan allegedly continued to not comply while Anderson gave commands, and he deployed his baton. According to the warrant, the baton was never utilized, and Johnathan finally complied and was transported to the Warren County Jail for booking. 

Breanna and Johnathan were both arrested and charged with assault and criminal trespassing. Johnathan received additional charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting.