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Couple arrested for pilfering TVs
Laura Alene Young entered a guilty plea.

A Sparta couple with warrants against them from around the Midstate has been given jail time for brazenly stealing TVs from the local Walmart.
The female member of the sticky fingered duo, Laura Alene Young, entered a guilty plea recently to the charge of theft. She was directed to serve 60 days of a four-year sentence and will be jointly liable to make restitution to Walmart in the amount of $846. Her partner in crime, Andrew Blake Young, entered a plea earlier this summer and was directed to serve 120 days of a four-year sentence for his part in the heist that was caught on Walmart surveillance cameras.
According to McMinnville police detective Marty Cantrell, video showed the couple removing TVs from the local store which they did not pay for. Specifically, the detective said the video showed Mrs. Young placing two, 50-inch TVs in a cart and pushing them around the store.
“She then left the cart inside the store and exited through the garden center,” Cantrell reported, noting her accomplice then entered the store a short time later. “He went to the cart and pushed the TVs out the front door.”
The couple’s pictures were circulated to other Walmart stores around the area and a hit came back from DeKalb County revealing their IDs. It was learned there were active warrants for the pair in DeKalb, White and Cumberland counties and that they were being held at Cumberland County Jail at the time.
The TVs stolen amounted to about $900 in value.