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County to receive back taxes
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There is no need for concern as Warren County will receive its past due property taxes.
“We will be getting our tax money from the property that was mentioned,” said Commissioner Terry Bell in regard to 202 Bell Street, which is being purchased by McMinnville’s Water and Sewer Department from Jim Dyer for $750,000. “As soon as the city’s attorney files to get a clear deed.”
The statement was made during a county Budget and Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday. During last week’s meeting, county Trustee Darlene Bryant asked the committee’s assistance in securing the back taxes after the property was sold to the city and frustration mounted at failed attempts to discuss the issue with the county attorney.
“That’s good news,” said Commissioner Diane Starkey.
Bryant wants to ensure the county receives its past due property taxes, which she stated were $150,000, out of the $750,000 the city paid for the property. However, her attempts to ensure a lien was placed on the property were going nowhere.
According to Bell, a lien is unnecessary.
“Because the city has bought it, it doesn’t relieve the tax burden,” he said. “If they take possession of it, we will get our funds. When the city tries to get the deed, we will get our money then. They will have to pay the back taxes on the property.”
The money to pay the property taxes will come from the $750,000. City attorney Tim Pirtle said he began working on the steps to obtain a clear deed immediately after the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the purchase June 13.
“As soon as the board passed the ordinance approving the purchase of the property on second reading, I ordered a title insurance commitment to disclose any liens or any other matter that affect the title to the real estate,” said Pirtle. “I received it shortly thereafter.”
Per the information presented by Pirtle, he says the amount owed is lower than the $150,000 quoted last week. On the Bell Street property, taxes owed to both the city and county are a combined $107,010.35 from 2012 through 2016, including fees and penalties. Of that amount, $52,199.54 will be going to the county and $54,810.81 to the city.
According to county attorney Larry Stanley, the amount owed on the property is $141,010.63 in delinquent taxes and an additional $20,609 in current taxes for a combined $161,619.63.