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County takes step toward $12.5M loan
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Warren County Commissioners are moving forward with a commitment to secure $12.5 million for school projects and jail expansion.

An “initial bond resolution” and a “bond resolution” were both under review by the county Financial Management Committee and then the county Budget and Finance Committee.

The two measures were presented by Finance Department director Linda Hillis, who says this is the first step toward borrowing the funds.

While $6 million has been offered to the school system for projects at Bobby Ray and West Elementary, the remaining $6.5 million is slated to be used at the county jail.

“What we can do is issue the amount that we need at the time,” said Hillis. “If we need just the schools, we can do that bond issue first and then, two years later, if we need the money for the jail, we can do that then. This is valid until the Warren County Commission rescinds it.”

The resolutions will be sent to the County Commission after receiving unanimous approval.