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County ready to ride with Nick
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Nick Hoffman, the host of Nick’s Wild Ride, will be filming in Warren County. The travel and adventure show airs on the Outdoor Channel. When filming will begin is unknown.

Warren County will be featured on an episode of “Nick’s Wild Ride,” a travel and adventure show hosted by Nick Hoffman. 

“Nick’s Wild Ride” airs on the Outdoor Channel. The show follows the adventures of its host as he canvasses the globe to find interesting places, compelling people, vibrant culture, and good food. The show is currently in production for Season 5.

Tourism Development Board members approved entering into a contract with the producers of the show, approving an expenditure not to exceed $10,000.

“When I spoke to Nick, he said what they really want to do in McMinnville is bring the story of McMinnville to life and showcase the town,” said Tourism Development Board president Christy Ross. “They like finding interesting characters in the towns. Although the show is about hunting and fishing, for them, it’s also about the story of the area. I thought that was nice.”

According to information presented, the show reaches 39 million households, receives 1.8 million page views per month, and has a total social media reach of 5.9 million with that audience being 77 percent male and the median age being 49 years old. 

“What caught my attention was the number of page views per month and how many social media impressions are made,” said Ross. “He received 1.8 million visits per month. It’s a pretty impressive show he’s got going on.”

The contract, according to Ross, would include a special screening of the episode at Park Theater with Hoffman in attendance. 

Episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length, including commercials.

“I told him about the musky tournament,” said Ross. “He’s super excited about all that. The hunting and the fishing he knows he can do. What he’s super excited about is learning about our town and the characters that make up the town and make it special. Being the Musky Capital of the World certainly drew him in.”

The demographics drew the attention of some.

“This is the demographic we’ve talked about that we want to reach,” said TDB member Katie Kemezis. “This show is getting a bit higher average age than we’ve been aiming at, but I think it’s good if we can reach into that community in any kind of angle, even if it’s a little older.” 

Due to the fear of COVID-19 and the governor’s executive order for people to stay at home and avoid all nonessential activities, this meeting was held using an online video conferencing service called Zoom. Members logged into the meeting through desktop computers and mobile devices to conduct business from the safety of their homes or offices.

“Welcome to what I think might be a historic meeting,” said Ross. “This is our first Zoom city meeting. That is exciting technology during these crazy times.”

Tourism Development Board members Ross, Kemezis, Mayor Ben Newman and Chad McGee voted unanimously to enter into a contract with the show. Among the visitors to the meeting were city administrator Nolan Ming and Aldermen Everett Brock and Steve Harvey.

The Zoom meeting was recorded and can be viewed on McMinnville government’s Facebook page.