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County OKs cellphone for Veterans Service Officer
Cellphone for New VSO.jpg
Daniel Schultheis was announced as the new veterans service officer at July’s Warren County Commission meeting. He took the time to share his background in the Marine Corps and his work with the VA. He is excited to work with Warren County in this new position. - photo by Bethany Porter

The county Budget and Finance Committee approved the purchase of a cellphone for the new Veterans Service Officer in hopes he will be able to help veterans more effectively.  

At the committee meeting Tuesday night, county commissioners discussed the $700 request for the purchase of a cellphone for new veterans officer Daniel Schultheis. The cellphone will allow him to stay connected while he is out of the office.

“The new administrator of Veteran’s Services has requested that he have a cellphone,” said Commissioner Scott Rubley. “There are situations where he feels like he needs to go out into the county and visit veterans who are not able to go into the office and he would like to have a cellphone to schedule appointments and things of that nature.”

“He does a fine job,” said Commissioner Randy England

“That office has never asked for much,” added Commissioner Tommy Savage.

“It is a very inexpensive office and they do a lot of services that are invaluable to the county and this will probably help with services of people who just cannot get in,” said Rubley. “It is a huge inconvenience for some of these people and I am sure some of them are disabled and it is hard for them to get to the office. So if he can make it easier on them, I am all for it.” 

Schultheis was announced as the new VSO at the County Commission meeting in July. He joined the Marine Corps in 2002 and was deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, and Cuba. In 2005, he was wounded in Iraq and was medevacked out of there. 

“My intentions were to stay in the Marine Corps. I wanted to reenlist. I was on an extension and then I was quickly taken off the battlefield which really changes your way of thinking to have something you are passionate about taken away,” said Schultheis.

He retired from the Marine Corps around the age of 23 and went into the VA. He says at that time, the VA was not equipped to handle all the injured veterans. 

“In 2005, the VA system just wasn’t set up to handle the amount of injuries. Severe injuries that were fatal 10 years before, we were surviving now and they were a little overwhelmed and I was dropped into a system and had to fend for myself,” said Schultheis.

He always wanted to be the person who helped other people, but found that hard to do at the time with the VA. He focused on other jobs including teaching before moving to Warren County. When this job became available, it was exactly what Schultheis was looking for. 

“I am very excited to get to work and start helping the veterans of Warren County. I have seen a lot of progress in the VA since I got into the system and I have also seen some decline in some areas so I hope I have plenty to offer to help people navigate the newer system especially with the older generation and the younger generation. I am kind of in that sweet spot in the middle where hopefully I can bridge the gap,” said Schultheis.