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County meeting lasts less than two minutes
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A clean audit report resulted in what could have been the shortest Warren County committee meeting in history.
The meeting lasted one minute and 30 seconds.
The county Audit Committee met Monday to discuss the annual Financial Report of Warren County for fiscal year 2015-16. In attendance were committee members Wayne Cantrell, chair, Danny Martin and county Commissioners Randy England and Ken Martin.
“We have no one from the state here today to deliver the audit report,” said Cantrell. “Did everyone receive a copy of it?”
The absence of the state was due to the county receiving a clean audit report from Tennessee Comptroller Justin P. Wilson, meaning the audit was completed without any findings.
“Very few counties can claim to have an audit report without indicating weakness or deficiencies in government operations,” said Wilson, who made the announcement in January. “The audit of Warren County revealed a strong system that allows for accurate financial reporting and clear checks and balances that help protect taxpayer money. Warren County residents should be encouraged that county leaders and elected officials are taking their responsibilities seriously.”
If any issues had been found, a representative from the comptroller’s office would have been in attendance to answer questions.
 “It was a tremendous report,” said Cantrell. “I have nothing to add to it. Does anyone want to ask any questions or add anything to it? Are there any discussions that need to be made about it?”
Martin added, “It was a good report.”
Cantrell asked County Executive Herschel Wells to relay the committee’s congratulations to department heads for a job well done.