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County looks into energy conservation
Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

The county may be joining the school system in efforts to upgrade existing infrastructure issues through Energy Savings Group. 

ESG is a company that offers energy-saving solutions. At this time, estimated cost is $6.2 million. 

Numbers presented by ESG to members of county Building and Grounds Committee show more than half that cost will go toward improvements at the jail. By the numbers, $3.2 million will be needed for jail improvements, while the remaining $3 million will cover all the other county buildings.

“With all of their folks here and still in town, we have an opportunity to piggy back on that same contract with ESG to do all of our county buildings and so the County Commission approved that $15,000 for their assessment,” said County Executive Jimmy Haley to the Building and Grounds Committee.

According to ESG’s assessment, its preliminary project overview includes the following buildings:

• Jail

• Health Department

• Courthouse

• EMS Station 1

• Main Administrative Building

• Administrative Building Annex (UCHRA)

The cost of these upgrades includes replacing HVAC systems, converting lights to LED in all government buildings, and roof replacement and repairs. Haley explained to committee members they have some options with project financials.

Proposed jail upgrades could be funded with existing county dollars, those being the $6.5 million borrowed for the jail. The remaining cost will be paid with energy savings.

As claimed by Energy Systems Group, the estimated utility savings would be $85,000 per year while the maintenance and repair savings would be around $55,000 for a total savings of $140,000 to $150,000. 

A motion to send the ESG proposal to the entire Warren County Commission was unanimously approved.