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County looks to eliminate paper check stubs

Warren County government employees may stop receiving check stubs, another step in going paperless. 

Finance Department director Justin Cotten submitted his proposed budget for fiscal year 2019-20, and included were upgrades to the department’s server, computers and software, a combined $106,000 of improvements.

The largest portion of that request is $70,000 that will go to accounting software and to offer online check stubs.

“There has been a heavy push for online payroll information,” the finance director said.

Cotten requested a new server and four new computers at an estimated cost of $24,000. 

“My server handles all the data computations for payroll, bill paying and accounting and it is seven years old. It had to be re-built the third week I was in office. It had to be completely taken down and put back together. They recommend those be replaced every five years. They say I’m lucky it has made it this long. All the computers in my office are also seven years old.”

Any unused portion of that money will remain in the budget.

“I’ve placed $24,000 in the budget for our computers and a server,” said Cotten. “It might not be that much. I have factored in 10 percent to account for changes between now and budget time. All I’m buying with this is four computers and a server. If there is any money remaining in there, I won’t touch it. It will sit there until the end of the year and be turned back in.”

Warren County Finance Department’s overall budget proposed for the upcoming fiscal year is $647,176, an increase of $106,000 from the previous year to cover the server, computer and software upgrades. All other line items remained the same. 

Committee members unanimously approved the budget as presented. However, changes can be made anytime during the budget process.