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County EMS quiet on crash
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Mum’s the word from Warren County EMS regarding an interstate crash that left one man critically injured Saturday morning in Nashville.
EMS director Preston Denney has been instructed to remain silent about the accident, even to Warren County commissioners.

“Preston, can you give us some kind of an update on the situation that happened Saturday morning?” asked Commissioner Teddy Boyd during a Safety Committee meeting Monday.

Denney stated, “I was told today that pretty much any discussion from this point on needs to come from County Executive Herschel Wells or the county attorney.”

According to a report from Metro Nashville Police, Cornelius Hurt, 29, of Nashville was critically injured when the Warren County ambulance struck his Nissan Altima, which was stopped on the shoulder from a wreck moments earlier.

While mostly on the shoulder, the Altima was said to be slightly in one lane of travel. The ambulance was driven by Henry Dekort, 57, with paramedic Savannah Cleek, 23, a passenger.

While details of the incident are being kept under wraps, the condition of the county ambulance is not. Denney said it could be a total loss.
“The truck is in Nashville. VFIS is who the actual truck insurance is from. The liability side of it is through Southern Insurance so it’s a partnership. They had to notify VFIS because of it potentially being a total loss. As soon as they get the OK, they are going to send an adjuster there. They are going to go in and tell us what they think. Once the adjuster looks at it, it will be released to us.”

Denney expressed concern for the equipment and medication in the ambulance during that timeframe.

“There’s a large amount of equipment on it,” said Denney. “They said we could do whatever we needed to do to retrieve the equipment. We’d have to take an empty ambulance, because we’ll fill it up with all the equipment. Once the adjuster is done, we could tow it back here. We typically use Hullett’s because he has a big enough wrecker.”

Denney said he’s been tentatively looking for a replacement truck.

“We started looking for one today,” said Denney. “We’ve been calling to see. Just checking on one. This one was one of our newest 4-wheel drives that we recently purchased. It’s a 2016. It has about 70,000 miles on it.”

Boyd also inquired about the condition of Mr. Hurt.

Denney replied, “No one knows. They won’t tell us anything.”

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