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County defeats Confederate flag issue
Pictured is the seven-star Confederate flag requested to be flown.

Warren County commissioners rejected a request to allow a Confederate flag to be placed at the courthouse.
The measure failed unanimously with a vote of 20-0 Monday night during the full Warren County Commission meeting. Commissioners Gary Martin, Diane Starkey and Charles Morgan were absent. Commissioner Carolyn Miller passed on the vote.
Sam Boyd, who made the request, was in attendance during the meeting. He urged commissioners to approve it. He is not the Sam Boyd who is a former educator, principal and coach who resides in the Irving College community.
“If you’ve ever been falsely accused, you will know how unjust it can be, but at least we can speak for ourselves. The dead can’t,” said Boyd at Monday night’s meeting. “We can understand when some-thing is being used for honorable or dishonorable purposes. We make those distinctions every day.”
Boyd went on to say, “These men were motivated by love and duty. The same as our service men and women today and not a singular policy. When we pledge to our flag, it doesn’t mean we agree to all that’s allowed under it or its misuse.”
While the measure to fly an early version of the Confederate flag passed in committee about two months ago, there has been vocal opposition to flying such a flag outside our courthouse. Several people have called the measure divisive and a tribute to slavery in letters to the editor of the Southern Standard.
Boyd disagrees with that sentiment.
“We’re Americans and no matter our faults, our differences, our opinion and disagreements, we have always put those things aside, looked beyond them, and unified to give respect and honor to our veterans with their flag, although we can still disagree about the wars in which they fought, no matter if it’s Vietnam, Iraq or this one.
“Let me be clear that if this resolution were for any other purpose than what I have stated or pro-posed, I, myself, would vote against it. Please, honor these Warren County veterans and contacts with their monument.”