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County considers over $400K for nonprofits
Meals on Wheels, Nancy Mayfield.jpg

The county’s Nonprofit Committee met Thursday night to listen to organizations and determine how much money to approve for them and approved a total of $404,315 to be considered. 

Two of the larger amounts being approved were $20,000 for both Meals on Wheels and the Warren County A&L Fair. Meals on Wheels director Nancy Mayfield explained to commissioners money for a walk-in freezer is needed.

“Different food sources have come into the county in bulk. So what we have run into with that is we are having to turn down a lot of sources of food. At the high prices we are paying now we can’t afford to turn anything down,” said Mayfield.

She gave an example of a recent phone call she received where someone told her they had 1,500 pounds of chicken and then she had to call many different people because she did not have any freezer space to put it.

“If we had a walk-in freezer, we could salvage all this we are having to turn down,” said Mayfield.

Warren County A&L Fair president Regan Kelsey told commissioners there are a few different projects that have been identified for the $20,000 requested. 

“This year with the $20,000 we have tentatively planned to do the courthouse roof and have budgeted $8,000 for that, fenced in gates for $5,000, water upgrades $3,500, and we have some sidewalks and porch roofs in the village that are in pretty bad shape that we want to do something with and that is going to run $2,500. That last $1,000 is going to go toward some painting and just some general sprucing up,” said Kelsey.

The other approved funds are:

The American Red Cross - $3,000

Governor’s Books from Birth - $8,400

Caring Hearts United - $2,000

Citizens for Progress - $10,000

Chamber of Commerce - $12,500

CHEER Mental Health - $4,000 

Families in Crisis - $6,000. 

Habitat for Humanity - $10,000. 

Helping Hands Ministry - $2,000. 

Heritage Alliance - $2,000. 

Main Street McMinnville - $6,500

Meals on Wheels - $20,000 

The Warren County A&L Fair- $20,000

Warren County Emergency Food Bank - $2,000

Pacesetters - $2,000

Tennessee Opportunity Programs Inc. (RSVP) - $2,915

Upper Cumberland Veterans Cemetery - $2,500

Volunteer Fire Departments were approved a total of $77,000 with $11,000 going to each department (North Warren, Centertown, Collins River, Morrison, Viola, Rock Island, Harrison Ferry).

Warren County Senior Center and CARES - $30,000.

Young Men United - $2,000

Black History Museum - $5,000 

Warren County Rescue Squad - $28,500

Magness Library - $120,000 

HOME - $8,500

My Father’s Closet - $7,500

McMinnville Special Games - $10,000 

These amounts will be voted on and discussed again at an upcoming Budget and Finance Committee meeting.