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County changes public comment policy
Daniel Owens color

All 20 commissioners present at the Warren County Commission meeting Monday night voted in favor of the updated public comment rules.

The county’s Legislative Committee has been working on these updates to the Rules Regulating the Procedures of the Warren County Legislative Body following an increased interest in public commenting. The two updates they made are to the public comment segment during full court meetings and during committee meetings. 

Commissioner Daniel Owens explained the committee felt the current rule did not pertain to the full court and they wanted to establish how procedure would be followed.

“We felt this resolution was more pertaining to subcommittees instead of the full court and wasn’t defined on how procedure would be followed so we moved it there and we created a new section,” said Owens. “This defines how a citizen of Warren County or a landowner can make a request with the County Executive’s office and include their name and address and a brief summary of the subject matter.”

Along with requiring the speaker to be a resident and or landowner in Warren County, the speakers are now limited to three minutes instead of two and no more than two speakers can address any single subject matter. 

The rule now reads, “Members of the public wishing to address the Board shall submit a request to the County Executive indicating the name and address of the speaker to verify they are a resident or landowner in Warren County and shall also include a brief summary of the subject matter upon which the speaker intends to speak. All requests shall be made by the person intending to speak and must be provided to the County Executive no later than 10 days prior to the meeting at which the speaker wished to address the Board. All speakers shall be limited to three minutes and there shall be no more than two speakers on any single subject matter.”

The commissioners absent Monday night were Randy England, Joseph Stotts, Carl D. Bouldin, and David Dunlap.