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County building needs work after lawsuit

Issues with safety, including lack of proper sidewalks and building security, are occurring at Warren County Administrative Offices on Locust Street.

“A lawsuit has already happened with someone falling on the building’s sidewalk,” says County Executive Jimmy Haley. “If the county will buy the concrete, the city will put in the sidewalks.”

Building new sidewalks and repairing the older ones is estimated to cost $2,500 to $3,000. Commissioners say sidewalks are needed around the building with additional sidewalks being added to come up and into the building.

“Without a sidewalk, it’s easy for someone to get hit by a car,” says Commissioner Robert Hennessee. “I saw a woman almost get hit the other day, but thankfully, the car stopped. This happens all of the time. We need to focus on the safety and concern for our citizens.”

Another issue addressed during a Building and Grounds Committee meeting Tuesday is the need for heightened security at both the administrative building and courthouse. 

“There is no security in the administrative building,” says Haley. “There are so many people who come in and out of this building. It’s becoming a major issue.”

Haley states a security company has already visited the administrative building to make suggestions on how to better improve the internal and external security of the building as part of the Capital Improvement Plan.

“The camera system doesn’t work, no one’s here to stop anyone from coming in and the doors are unlocked all of the time,” adds Haley. “We need to have keyless entry fobs for employees to use to enter the side doors, while everyone else comes in through the front. We also need a new set of glass doors and windows.”