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Cornerstone of Christianity
Duane Sherrill photo-The Easter Bunny takes a frozen yogurt break at Topz after a long day of posing for pictures with children. Joining him downtown on Good Friday are, from left, Alexis Leech, Alana White and Dara Stubblefield.
For Christians around the world, Easter is the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.It’s a day often associated with colored eggs and the Easter Bunny, but it’s a holiday with deep religious meaning.“The resurrection of Christ is the cornerstone of Christianity,” said preacher Jim Ramsey, who is now director of missions for the Central Baptist Association. “Christianity is centered on the fact Christ has risen. We believe it, we know it happened, and there were witnesses to it.”Sunrise church services are planned throughout the community Sunday morning, including one conducted by Pioneer Community Church that will be held at 7 a.m. at Riverfront Park.