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Convenience Center places new emphasis on recycling
The push is on to urge Warren County residents to think about recycling. Warren County commissioners approved a name change and the sign has been placed. Pictured, from left, are Diane Stanley, Charlotte Boyd, Pat Bigbee, and sanitation director Steve Hillis.

The name is now officially Warren County Recycling and Convenience Center with the placement of new signs.
“We’re hoping this encourages people to think about recycling,” said Diane Stanley, who, along with Mary Don Bixby and Pat Bigbee, urged the county to rename the facility with a greater emphasis on recycling. “Our goal is to get more people in Warren County to recycle.”
The signs received approval from Warren County Sanitation director Steve Hillis.
“I think it’s great,” Hillis said. “We definitely needed the hours at the bottom of the sign. We had a sign on the gate but this one is more visible.”
Warren County paid for the large sign at the entrance to the fairgrounds convenience center. Avid recyclers found sponsors to pay for the purchase and placement of signs on bins to help people in their recycling efforts.
Contributors were Ben Lomand Garden Club, Breakfast Rotary, and Evening Exchange.
In 2016, county convenience centers collected a total of 9,103 tons of trash and recycled more than 1,433 tons. Hillis says recycling is a financial savings for taxpayers.
“If we hadn’t recycled those materials in 2016, it would have cost taxpayers $56,355 in tipping fees,” said Hillis. “Recycling is a financial benefit for taxpayers. It saves money.”
Recycling makes money. Because the 1,433 tons were recycled during the year, $46,536 came back to the county which helped fund operation of the centers.
Materials the center recycles: newsprint, plastic, scrap metal, cardboard, aluminum cans, batteries, scrap electronics, paint, used oil, etc. For information on which center takes what recyclable material and recycling tips, visit
The signs were placed this week.
Warren County Recycling and Convenience Center hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Closed Wednesday and Sunday.