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Concrete pad proposed for Lot
Foundation required for synthetic ice rink
Ice skating rink.jpg
A large portion of The Lot, the grassy area on Court Square, could be taken up by a concrete pad. One has been deemed necessary for placement of a temporary synthetic ice skating rink. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Shipping in progress: The synthetic ice skating rink is on its way to McMinnville from Spain. 

“We have sent the down payment,” said Dayron Deaton Owens. “The rink has been shipped from the facility. It is making its way over to us. The next payment for the rink will be when it arrives at the port on our side of the pond.”

Purchased by the city’s Tourism Development Board was an 1,800-square-foot synthetic ice skating rink from Xtraice Rinks, located in Deville, Spain, for $59,999. McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen pre-approved its temporary placement on The Lot as a centerpiece during downtown Christmas festivities.

An installation training session between TDB members and a representative from Xtraice Rinks has been set for the middle of November. 

TDB members designated $10,000 to purchase subflooring for use when the rink is placed on slightly uneven surfaces. Back in July, when the purchase was made, it was believed that a layer of plywood would be sufficient. 

TDB member Christy Ross dispelled that belief.  

“When we originally approved the skating rink, we left enough money in for some type of platform for it. As we’ve delved into it, that’s just not going to be feasible. It’s still not going to be level,” Ross said. 

For the rink to be used on The Lot, a concrete pad needs to be poured. 

“It will be multipurpose use,” said Ross, of the pad. “This is a wonderful thing for the city. They get to use it. We get to use it. This is a win for everybody. Even if we did it the other way, it would kill the grass. So, this is a win. They can use it for rentals or dining outdoors with some seating. It would be a multipurpose pad.” 

There are other alternative places, such as Milner Recreation Center and the Farmers Market. 

“I did suggest those when I was contacted about the need for a concrete pad,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department director Justin Scott, when questioned after the meeting. “I really wanted it at the Milner Center. Tourism Development Board members want it on The Lot.” 

An estimate of $5,000 has given for the concrete. Tourism Development Board members unanimously approved that expenditure. 

The need for a concrete pad on The Lot will be presented to city officials for their consideration. If approved, McMinnville Public Works Department employees would provide labor for its installation.