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Community gathers for Day of Prayer
Prayer - Dean Northcutt.jpg
Dean Northcutt said Thursday during National Day of Prayer the military isn’t our only source of protection. Northcutt said we can find shelter by turning to God.
Prayer - John Templeton.jpg
John Templeton of First Baptist Church provides music for the National Day of Prayer observation.

There were prayers for families, members of the military, and government officials on Thursday as Warren County held its local National Day of Prayer observance at the Farmers Market.

Covenant Fellowship Church preacher Dean Northcutt led a prayer for the military by saying guns may be viewed as a means of protection, but people can turn to God for shelter and as a fortress. Northcutt noted there are only two people who will die for you, with one being a soldier.

“The most important person in our lives should be Jesus Christ because he died for us,” said Northcutt. He later pointed out, “We’re in a battle. We’re in a spiritual warfare.”

Tammy Trembley of First Baptist Church prayed for families, which are so often ripped apart by divorce or drug addiction. She prayed for an end to abortion, which received several amens.

“Lord, we ask for forgiveness for those who have forgotten the importance of families,” said Trembley. “May we lift up families who are dealing with addiction. May we pray for those stuck in the cycle sin.”

Trembley pointed out it’s common for children to be raised by relatives other than their parents because of all the problems we have in society today.

Jarvis Johnson, a law enforcement official and preacher at Campaign Church of God, prayed for first-responders. 

He said it’s unfortunate the amount of anger which is currently being directed toward law enforcement officials.

“A house divided can’t stand,” said Johnson talking about America in general. “Only an enemy would try to divide us.”

First Baptist Church preacher Jeff Owens emphasized the importance of first-responders by saying it takes a brave person to run toward danger while other people are fleeing.

Westwood Church of Christ preacher Richard O’Connor said a prayer for those in government. Before his prayer O’Connor said that people often disagree about political issues and talking about them all day long won’t change anyone’s opinion.

John Templeton of First Baptist Church played guitar and sang. Before performing a song named “More Like Jesus” he said he has made a commitment this year to live his life more like Jesus in everything he does.

National Day of Prayer is observed annually on the first Thursday in May. Locally, it’s traditionally held at the Farmers Market at noon. 

Last year there was a virtual ceremony posted to YouTube due to the pandemic.