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Committee reviews budget for Warren County Jail maintainence
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It appears the next Warren County sheriff will have to police himself, at least as far as jail maintenance goes.

The county Building and Grounds Committee met Tuesday to review the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year’s custodial expense, as well as a lease agreement with Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation for its Groundwater Protection office located within the Warren County Administrative building.

Chairman Carl E. Bouldin informed the committee the county plans to provide the Sheriff’s Department with $50,000 so it can handle its own building maintenance issues and alleviate the demand on the county’s only maintenance person, Greg Bowdoin.

“The plan is to transfer $50,000 from our building maintenance budget and place it into the jail’s budget,” said Bouldin. “The new jail supervisor and sheriff will be told to handle their own building maintenance.”

Bouldin says the decision was made after discussions with County Executive Herschel Wells.

“I’ve talked to Herschel about it and every time something needs done over there, they call Greg,” said Bouldin. “It’s getting to be too much on him. This way they can handle their own maintenance issues. We’ll still take care of anything outside the building, such as the air conditioner. This $50,000 will be for issues inside the building.”

The announcement came after Bowdoin requested a $1 increase on his hourly salary due to the increased responsibilities.

“I’ve been here for 14 years,” he said. “My job responsibilities keep increasing. I’m a department director. It’s just me in the department, but I am the head of it. I think some people forget that. I asked for a $1 raise a few years back and it didn’t go anywhere. I thought I’d ask again and see what happens.”

When informed about the change in budget, Bowdoin said taking the jail off his list of responsibilities would help him out greatly. However, he didn’t rescind his salary increase request.

Committee members approved the request and agreed to include the $1 increase when the building maintenance budget comes under review.

“I don’t have a problem with it,” said Bouldin. “I wish we could give every employee a $1 raise. I know Greg does a good job. I don’t know how you do all you do. All we can do is include it and send it to Budget and Finance. It will be up to that committee if it stays in the budget.”

The custodial budget of $236,954, as well as a one-year lease agreement with the state for $150 a month for the TDEC office, were unanimously approved.

All budgets must be presented to the county Budget and Finance Committee for consideration.