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Committee: Martin alone in desire to close Animal Control
Its Martin not us copy.JPG
Lisa Hobbs photo Warren County government has taken no steps to shut down its Animal Control and Adoption Center. Pictured is facility director Kim Pettrey, who is currently on medical leave.

The county Health and Welfare Committee has no plans to shut down Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center, says Commissioner Blaine Wilcher.

“Some people are twisting the story into the committee wanting to close Animal Control,” said Wilcher. “It’s not us. It’s (Commissioner) Michael Martin. He’s the only one who proposed closing Animal Control.”

During an April 10 meeting of the Health and Welfare Committee, Martin said Animal Control staff members haven’t been doing their jobs and that shutting down the department would free up $100,000 that could be better used elsewhere.

No other member of the committee voiced a similar sentiment.

Wilcher read a prepared statement during Monday’s full Warren County Commission meeting to dispel the inaccurate rumors and voice support for Animal Control director Kim Pettrey and employees Brandi Bouldin and Deitra Kester.

“As vice chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee, I would like to tell the concerned citizens of Warren County, that the committee does not have any plans to close the Animal Control and Adoption Center. In fact, only the chairman has mentioned bringing that proposal to a vote. I know the rest of the committee is against it and supports Kim, Brandi and Deitra in all they do for our community, and will continue to do so.”

This is not the first time that issues have gotten hairy between Martin, Animal Control and other members of the committee. Since he was appointed committee chair by County Executive Hershel Wells in November 2014, there have been several instances of discord between the three.

“I would like to assure the residents of Warren County that the Health and Welfare Committee strongly supports the Animal Control and Adoption Center and will continue to do so,” said Wilcher. “I also believe that all commissioners, save one, support them. I hope that we can move forward without negative remarks about any of our employees and give full support of this department.”