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Committee considers airport improvements
Airport Improvements.jpg
Keith Bouldin shows vice chairman Robert Hennessee why the airport hangar needs new insulation during the county’s Building and Grounds Committee meeting Thursday night. - photo by Bethany Porter

The Warren County Memorial Airport is hoping to get some much-needed improvements. 

The county’s Building and Grounds Committee met at the airport Thursday evening and discussed the work needed. One on the main things is a leaking valley gutter. 

“It is time, if we can, to get rid of that valley gutter,” said president of Tri-State Development Keith Bouldin.

The gutter has leaked for years, and the airport is hoping to replace the roof and repair the gutter system with new framework.

Another big issue at the airport is hangar insulation.

“A couple other problems that we do have is, of course, the doors up there have sprayed-on insulation on them and it flakes off and the same thing is on the block walls up there and what we would like to do is, really the best way to fix that is to tear the sheeting off the doors and put new white vinyl insulation and re-sheet both doors,” said Bouldin.

The poor condition of the hangar walls is allowing birds to come in and jeopardize expensive aircrafts.

“There are some open cracks and stuff that allow birds to get into the hangar. We have got about a $4 million airplane than spans $20,000 a month just sitting there and we are trying to keep the birds out,” said Bouldin. 

The committee also discussed replacing the fluorescent lights with LED, resurfacing the floors, and adding rubber weather stripping in the hangar. 

The LED lights will save the county money in the long run. 

The committee decided to get quotes on the repairs and replacements for the projects at the airport, and look for an engineer to inspect the areas needing repair.