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Committee approves $110,406 for four new sheriff vehicles
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Warren County Sheriff’s Department is requesting the purchase of four new vehicles.
Members of the county Financial Management Committee met Tuesday and accepted a bid from Kidd Ford in the amount of $110,406 for three vehicles with a spotlight and one vehicle without a spotlight.
“This is the bid for the sheriff’s vehicles,” said Finance Department director Linda Hillis. “You’ll see a recommendation letter from Tommy Myers of the Sheriff’s Department. They are wanting to go with the low bid. The one is $27,330 and the other three cost $27,692. That’s a total of $110,406.”
Committee members County Executive Herschel Wells, chair, Commissioners Linda Jones, David Rhea and Tommy Savage, and Highway Superintendent Levie Glenn voted unanimously to accept the bid as submitted.
Also approved was the department declaring a 2005 Ford as surplus and giving it to Warren County EMS, as well as declaring two other vehicles as surplus and putting them on a government auction website.
“Both of them have been worked on at Woodlee’s and they are not fixable,” said Hillis. “It will cost more than what they are worth to fix them. One, they indicated, that it had been wrecked and they had used all of the parts off it they could use. They just want to surplus those and put them on”
Members also approved a request by county Trustee Darlene Bryant for a separate internet connection.
“I think Darlene contacted Ben Lomand about a separate internet connection for her office,” said Hillis. “In my discussions with the girl from Ben Lomand because they have so many transactions that come through over the internet, they just needed a separate contract.”
The contract would be $59.95 a month for 24 months.
“Was the reason for this is they were bogging down their system or something?” asked Savage.
Hillis stated, “It’s just my understanding they have a lot more transactions and they just needed a separate contract.”
Members unanimously approved the separate internet connection for Bryant’s office.
Also approved by the committee were:
A bid for Warren County Memorial Airport for a clearing project totaling $37,772
A bid for network technical services for Warren County Schools.
A court program Transition for Recovery Grant, a federal grant of $15,000 with no match required.
The items will be sent to the county Budget and Finance Committee for consideration.